Friday, August 3, 2012

Yummy All American food

It has been a while since I posted.  We've been keeping busy with church events, gardening, and  every day life for a family of 7.  We have been enjoying some great meals from our garden and my husband is the best cook on the grill. 

These burgers were amazing, truly mouth watering.  We've been adding slices of tomatoes from our garden with a side of sweet corn.  All American food, if you ask me!

We are so excited to have our first crop of sweet corn ever!  It wasn't nearly enough for freezing, but we've been enjoying it every day for the past two weeks.  With a family of 7 we can go through a lot of corn.  I did manage to freeze one large bag of corn for Thanksgiving.  Next year, we have plans to expand our garden, to allow more room for sweet corn.  Here are a few more pictures of our harvest so far:

Max and Maddie picking cherry tomatoes

I have started freezing my cherry tomatoes, the same way I freeze blueberries.  Just wash and freeze!  This fall and winter when I make a stew, soup or chili, I will just take out a cup or two and add to the batch.  I added a cup of cherry tomatoes to my homemade spaghetti sauce this week and it was delicious!

Our pumpkins are ready, way too early.  In fact, so early some of them are going bad before we even pick them.  My pie pumpkins have definitely been affected by the drought.  I am saving and freezing what I can of them.  Note to self:  plant pumpkins a lot later next year! 

Overall, the garden has been bountiful and I am thankful for what we have harvested.  God is good!

♥  Shannon

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  1. Hi Shannon
    How blessed you are! Your family must be really enjoying all of your produce.
    We hope to start enjoying our garden in a few weeks. (Just in time before our 1st frost)
    We are certainly looking forward to some home grown sweet corn too.