Custom Creations

We love to build, design, create, customize new and old to fit our needs.  Through out our almost 16 years of marriage, we have come up with some clever ideas for our growing family.  I am excited to share our ideas from the past, and look forward to sharing the present, as well as what we have planned for the future.  Our custom creations have ranged from really big, like bring in a crane kind of big, to install our 20 ft. swing set.... to really small, like an antique garden gate, used as a grapevine trellis.  

Here are a few pictures of our custom creations:

A canning shelf my husband built in our kitchen on a large bare wall.  Now, it doesn't hold everything we can, but it is definitely handy.  Also, I enjoy looking at some of the prettier jars everyday, rather then having them hid in the basement.  (This was completely full after harvest, and  is in need of a restock).  I also keep baking supplies and beans and rice on the lower shelf in mason jars, which I also think is fun decorating for the kitchen.

20 ft swing set

The first see saw we made when the kids were small

Our most recent double see saw.  My how the kids have grown :)

A garden trellis made from very old telephone poles, found at an estate sale

A playhouse for the kids designed to resemble an old schoolhouse, complete with a antique bell.

A more traditional backyard trellis
Grapevine trellis made with antique gate
With all our projects, we love to get the whole family involved.  It is a great learning experience for everyone and teaches them how to work as a team to accomplish great things, you can be proud of.  These are great character qualities to instill in your children, that seem to be lost in today's world.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and were even inspired to get out there and create your own custom creations.
♥ Shannon


  1. Wow! I love the things you and your family have built! If you just lived a little closer... :)