Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Because my garden just won't stop...

I thought I was done with beans. My kids had picked the last of them last week and I stepped outside to take a look and see if they had left any unpicked. I was surprised to find the bushes were FULL again! So we set out to pick once again over the weekend. I was suppose to be cleaning out my school room and organizing, in preparation for our first day of school this week.

I don't have a pressure cooker, so I would be freezing all these beans. I have about 30 gallon bags already frozen, so I decided to make green bean casserole for the freezer. This is one of my families favorite side dishes. I ended up with six pans after working on beans for 2 days. I blanched the beans as if I was freezing them, and then made up the casserole's and put them in the individual pans for freezing. I recommend to everyone to make your own "cream" soup from scratch. It is absolutely delicious, and so much better for you then the canned soups in the store. I will share my recipe below. I did not add french fried onions, but will add those later, when I pull them out of the freezer to bake. If I don't have the french fried onions on hand, I will add crushed croutons for topping and my family likes that just as well.

We also picked an abundance of green peppers and decided to try out a stuffed pepper recipe for the freezer.

I have never made stuffed peppers before, but my husband is a pretty good cook and helped out. It was pretty simple. We fried up some hamburger and onion, then added a spaghetti sauce and rice. We stuffed the peppers and topped with cheese.

I placed the pan into the freezer for about an hour until they were froze, then placed the peppers into gallon size bags for the freezer. I ended up with enough for six separate dinners. How wonderful! It felt really great to add some delicious, home grown, quick and easy freezer meals to my freezer, right before we started our busy school year!

  Homemade creamed soup:

1 c nonfat dry milk
3/4 c cornstarch
1/4 c bouillon
4 Tbsp dried onion
1 tsp basil
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp pepper

Mix all together and when ready to use add 1/3 cup of mix to 1 1/4 cups of water. Cook on stove top until desired thickness. Cool. I made this dried mix up in large batches and keep in my pantry with instructions for use. I will never go back to canned soup again. Thank you pinterest!

♥ Shannon

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