Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Sweet Valentine's

I was 17 when I started dating Brent.  This year, it will be 20 years since we started dating and 17 years of marriage!  Wow, time flies when you are having fun!  I can't think of a boring year yet.  We've been busy moving, having kids, and enjoying this life we've created together.  We aren't big into celebrating Valentines Day as a couple.  My husband doesn't have a romantic bone in his body.  He's not into cards and flowers.  And, this might sound strange, but that makes it all the more romantic when he does do something special, because I know he really means it and it's coming straight from his heart. He is not just doing something because, well everyone else is, so I might as well join in.  He's never been that type of guy.  To me romance is loading the truck full of firewood in the pouring rain, because you know your wife loves to have a good fire every day in the winter.  Even though he doesn't enjoy fires as much as I do, he did this for me over the weekend. (We needed to bring some of our firewood from Illinois over to our home in WI)  I looked out the window and caught him and the boys just as they were finishing up and it melted my heart.  He did that just for me.  He watches out for me, takes care of me, loves me unconditionally, protects me, and wants what is best for me.  What else could I possibly ask for this Valentines Day!  I am so blessed.

One tradition I have started is to write each child a letter (this will be my 3rd year).  I buy them some special candy and have it at there spot at the breakfast table, so when they come down for breakfast they find there special treat and a letter from me.  This year I really focused on demonstrating love to one another, just as Jesus loves us.  We need to love,  just as He loves!  The letters always bring a smile to their eyes and some choose to read it aloud to everyone and others choose to keep there letter private between us two.  I found this year, as I was writing to each child, it really made me stop and think about how unique each of them are, and what there character traits are and how they fit so perfectly into our family.  It was a blessing to me, just as much as it was to them! 

Maddie and Marykate working on Valentine boxes together

I also had a special find today.  Maddie is in need of a full size violin and has been for some time.  Today I stopped into a local antique shop looking for some chairs for our school room.  I didn't find any, but did find a 1950s violin in great condition.  It needs some strings and fine tuners, and we will be all set.  What a blessing it was to find this so unexpectedly.


So today has been a great day full of blessings all around.  Happy Valentines Day!

♥  Shannon 


  1. Shannon,
    You brought a tear to my eye the way you talked about your husband. Not only are we a lot alike, but it sounds like our husbands are too.
    God bless,

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you can relate to me. Sometimes I wonder if others just pretend their husband's are all romantic and mine is the only one who's isn't :) It's okay either way, that doesn't make them a bad husband!

  2. Oh, good score on the violin by the way! It's beautiful.