Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Days!

We seem to be having a lot of snow days this winter, and I am loving it!  We just got back from a weekend in Illinois, (where we also experienced a small winter storm as well) and today we  were bracing for yet another storm system to move through.  We were excited when they upgraded the storm right before it hit, to 8" in our area, and now as I sit here tonight, it's still lightly snowing and they say we could have a much as 10" by morning.  It's such a beautiful sight! 

So I just wanted to share how we spend our snow days.  I was enjoying my day so much, I didn't even take too much time to get out my camera and capture it in pictures.  After we finished school and picked the girls up from choir (which was dismissed early because of blizzard like conditions) we came home.  I had a fire going, and popped some popcorn, and we all settled in for a movie.  It was very relaxing and enjoyable as the wind and snow blew and fell outside the window.  The kids also roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and really enjoyed themselves.

I had prepared dinner ahead of time and had chili and honey cornbread muffins ready for dinner.  I also, had a crockpot of stuffed peppers from last year's garden harvest.  I knew the kids would eat up most of the chili, leaving only a bit for my husband when he got home from work and he loves stuffed peppers.  The honey cornbread muffins were a hit.  The kids and Brent loved them.  I will definitely be making them again!

After dinner the kids and I headed outside to shovel.  We all took turns and Maddie found some fresh snow in the back that was untouched,so we brought some inside and made snow ice cream. The kids loved it, especially Menter and Marykate.  They kept asking to go outside and gather up more snow for ice cream.  I did let them bring in one extra bowl and we have it stored in the freezer for tomorrow.

It has been a very cozy day with lots of great memories.  I'm sure we will be snowed in tomorrow, or maybe if we can get out, we will head to the ski mountain!

Snow Ice Cream
4 cups of snow
1 cup of cream (we used half and half)
1/4 c sugar
tsp vanilla

Mix cream, sugar and vanilla together, then slowly add snow (fresh, clean, untouched snow) until you reach desired consistency.

♥  Shannon

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