Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Waiting for snow

As I sit here, early this morning (in Wisconsin), the snow has just started to fall.  We have been waiting, for another storm to hit our area.  Bringing up to another possible 10".  I woke early and started a fire, read my Bible and am enjoying the peace and quiet of early morning.  Flurries have just started to fall, but will become heavier as the hour goes on.  I LOVE a good snowstorm and have been able to enjoy quite a few this winter.  I am one of the few who is not anxiously waiting for spring.  I love Spring, but will enjoy every bit of winter, while it is here.  There is something so beautiful in newly fallen snow, and tree's covered in white.  We still have a blanket of snow (about 12") on the ground, so this could get interesting.
Max and Mary enjoying the 14" from last week's storm

 Over the weekend, we invited the youth from our church out for a sledding party at our home in Illinois.  It was warm enough to stay outside for hours, and when the sun went down, we had to start calling the kids in.  They had so much fun, they didn't want to stop.

It was a beautiful day filled with fun and fellowship!

♥  Shannon

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