Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring is in the air!

The days are (slowly) getting warm, the sun is brighter and the days are a little longer.  Spring is slowing showing up every where we look.  This past Sunday, Brent was working and a few of the kids were sick, and we were back in Wisconsin, early for the week, and missing our church family back in Illinois.  So I decided we needed a little Spring activity to make us all feel better.  We decided to dye some eggs.  I do very much enjoy doing Spring activities with the kids.  We try to embrace every season and enjoy the change. 

I have been wanting to experiment with natural dyes for a few years now, and usually, grandma dyes eggs with the kids, but this year, it was just us, so I decided it would be a fun experiment. 

Our favorite was the ground tumeric.  It made the most beautiful yellow eggs.  Also we used tea bags and then a bag of dried cherries, which we thought would  make purple eggs, but ended up with dark brown.  What didn't work was spinach, cabbage and green bean.  I also had a bag of frozen tomato cherries in the freezer and it made the brightest, red water, but didn't dye the egg at all.  I had sick kids, so I just used what I had on hand, as I  didn't want to run to the store. 

We had a really fun time!  Only two of my kids (girls) were interested in helping dye the eggs, and the others all had fun decorating.


In the end, we ended up with some bright, fun decorated eggs.  We had so much fun (and we almost ate all the eggs), so I think we might make some more tomorrow!

♥  Shannon

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