Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

What a beautiful, blessed Easter we had as a family this year.  The kids and I drove back to Illinois very early Saturday morning.  I had a music practice at church with the Blues Brethern,  and my girls had to practice as well.

 We then spent the rest of Saturday preparing for Easter Sunday.  I prepared a ham, homemade bread, deviled eggs (from our dyed eggs), and potatoes, and Maddie made a lamb cake.  We decided to have our Easter dinner, Saturday evening when Brent arrived in Illinois.  It was his first day off in 3 weeks, and we were all so glad to have a whole day with him.  When Brent finally arrived home, we headed over to church for a quick practice of our song (that our whole family would be performing together) and then back home to enjoy our meal.  Unfortunately our battery died on our video camera shortly after arriving at church, and we didn't get our song recorded, but we are performing it again in two weeks for another event, so I am hoping to video tape it then. 

Sunday morning my youngest woke me up by telling me he wasn't feeling well, and had an ear ache.  So between hurrying around to get everyone ready and taking care of him, we didn't get any Easter pictures either.  I'm kind of disappointed about that, but that is not what is important. We had a lovely breakfast and service at church, where many people were able to perform and share their musical talents.  Easter is always such a wonderful time of hope and worship.  There is such joy in knowing we serve a Risen Savior!

After church my baby was feeling better and thankfully he made it through our song, so we stayed for an egg hunt and fellowship with our church family.  We have only been going to this church for two years, and yet these people are like family to us.  We love to spend time with them and they are all such a blessing and encouragement to us.  I am so thankful to God for leading us to this church!

We enjoyed our lunch of leftovers from Saturday night and spent the rest of the day, together as a family, mostly outdoors.

  We enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon and took a walk in the woods.  I was finally able to hang some clothes out on the line and the kids played some basketball. 

Yes, I am the only one wearing big ugly boots :)  Guess who didn't have to come home and wash their shoes. I suggested they all wear old boots, but no one listened ;)

The night ended with Molly and Maddie at youth group, and Menter in bed early because he wasn't feeling well.   Brent, Myself, Max and Marykate, made some popcorn and talked about the day.  It's funny how quiet the house can feel when you are without 3 extra kids!

I have so many blessings in my life, and I am so thankful for each day with my precious family.

♥  Shannon

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