Monday, April 15, 2013

A Family Performance

What a refreshing weekend.  We covered 3 states (Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa), in two days and yet we came back refreshed, relaxed and feeling ever so blessed!  We traveled to Iowa over the weekend to perform as a family at Riverview Conference Center in Cedar Falls.  They were so kind to invite us to be part of the showcase.  My mom had a cabin for us to stay in, and Brent's parents came down for the day.  We are so fortunate that ALL our family lives in the same area, and in one trip we can see all the grandparents, a few cousins and Aunts and Uncles.  Wow, did our moms take such good care of us!  I didn't lift a finger all weekend.  At first I felt a little guilty, like I should be doing something, but quickly realized they wanted to help us out in this way.  I was busy enough practicing and getting everyone ready for the showcase.  I told my kids "Even a mom, likes to be taken care of by her mother every once in a while" :)  It was wonderful!  Here are a few pictures of us before, and during our performance.

In the Greenroom, waiting to go on stage.

The performance.

Everyone was much more relaxed, when it was over!

It was a great weekend, with lots of memories made.  We were so blessed this weekend, to be able to share and perform our talents with others.  We are hoping this is a ministry we can continue as a family.  This was our first performance outside of church, a nursing home, or a recital, and hopefully not our last!  I love what God is doing in our family and he deserves all the praise! 
Here is video of our performance:

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  1. Shannon, thanks so much for this glimpse into your family life. It was neat to see your family perform.