Thursday, July 19, 2012

4-H Fair !

It's 4H fair week!  Wow, it's been a hot one! 

This is our first year in 4-H, and it has been a learning experience.  We just weren't sure what to expect going into the fair.  We didn't know what the judges would be looking for or expecting.  My oldest daughter, who is a wonderful, talented photographer, didn't have a great experience.  She received 2 red ribbons, which is pretty much like saying "thanks for entering"!   She even entered her prize winning photo, that she took last year, and won 1st place for in our county, for the Conservation Office, and the judge just didn't like it. I hope she doesn't get too discouraged, because she has amazing talent.  As her mom, honestly, I was a little disappointed as well with the judges remarks.  Here is one of her photos:

My two middle clover buds had a good learning experience.  They were able to enter whatever they wanted and then just had to get through the judging.  They both did excellent and got great marks! 

Max did a project on composting.  He helped Brent build an actual compost box by our garden, last fall,  and it has been "his" project ever since. 

Here, Max is talking to the judge about his project. 
Below, Marykate is talking to the judge about her loomed hats.

By the end of this week, and with the heat advisory, the kids were pretty tired and crabby.  Two of them have an ear infection and one has a sore throat.  We just had to get through one more judging, and it was taking forever, and spirits were running pretty low.

Maddie was last, but definitely not least.  Here she is below waiting patiently for her cookies to be judged.

The day and week ended on a high note.  Maddie received a blue ribbon, best of show and is headed to the State Fair!

Here are the prize winning, oatmeal choc chip drop cookies!

So, my second child who usually takes a back seat to her older sister, is pretty pleased with her accomplishment, and I am proud of her.  It did take her 3 attempts to get these cookies right, but in the end, her hard work and persistence paid off!

Next month, we have our county fair, and we are all looking forward to entering some more projects.  From photography, to agriculture, to culinary, to arts and crafts.  It should be another busy, fun, crazy, and hopefully much cooler week!

♥  Shannon


  1. Hi Shannon
    This looks like so much fun. (other than the aweful heat!) Rebekah used to be in 4-H, but unfortunately her club leaders quit. She misses it.
    We have our county fair coming up as well and just like every other year, we have been looking through the bench show booklet, marking down all the things we want to enter. It's so exciting.
    I am so happy for your daughter and wish her well in the State Fair.

  2. By the way, I really like the picture your oldest daughter entered. I hope she isn't discouraged and keeps taking great pictures!