Thursday, July 12, 2012


Talk about being busy!  The garden harvest is in full swing here.  The above picture is what we picked over the weekend, just for Saturday's meals.  I have been either in the garden weeding and picking, or in the kitchen peeling, freezing and cooking.  It is definitely a blessing to have the abundance of food for our table, but my back feels differently :)

Thanks goodness for my little helpers.  Today we picked beans and peas and I have been freezing them and saving some for fresh eating.

I also tried a cucumber salad recipe that I found on pinterest, and I am anxious for my husband to try it tonight.  It supposedly lasts up to 2 months in the fridge.... we shall see, if it lasts that long!

At the end of the day, I've run my dishwasher a few times, done a few dishes by hand, and my counter tops usually are full of clean dishes and bowls of fresh veggies for tomorrow.


So, we are keeping very busy here, but so thankful for a great garden this year.  My freezer is already filling up, and up next tomatoes!

♥  Shannon


  1. Harvest surely is a busy time and puts a strain on both your kitchen and back. Enjoy this time -- soon the snow will fly and you'll have your preserved bounty to enjoy!


  2. I sure do enjoy the bounty in the winter, as does my family! Yes, there are going to be many winters days, where we will miss all the outside work of summer. Thank you Gail!


  3. Your harvest is beautiful! We didn't start a veggie garden this year...we were still clearing the land and it's full of tree stumps! But we are starting to prepare the soil now and I am so excited for next year!