Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cozy Winter Decorating

I don't know about you, but whenever I take down my Christmas decorations, it makes me a little sad.  I so enjoy the extra lights in the house and the warmth it brings, especially living in the Midwest, where winter can be long and dull.  So I have been leaving up little pieces of "winter" (as I like to call it) all through the house.  I wanted to share a few photos of some of my decorations around my home, that makes it feel extra cozy and not so bare. 

I have been adding splashes of pinecone and evergreen wherever I can.  As well as candles.  I also have a small tree I leave up through March, that I love to decorate with candles, pinecones, and any other homemade, or wooden objects I can find.  It adds so much warmth to the room and we all enjoy the lights at night after the sun goes down.

I have an antique ironing board, that I use as a sofa table.  My kids have found antlers in the woods near our home, and I love to decorate with them.  I added some pinecones and evergreen and now I  have the coziness of winter, without the Christmas theme.

This is my winter tree.  There are a few ornaments that may still resemble Christmas, but my youngest daughter was helping me decorate it.  She also crocheted a garland last year when she was 6 and just learning, and she put it on the tree.  I haven't taken it off since.  Sometimes it's not about how perfect it looks, but the thought that counts.

Another small evergreen sits on top of the piano. (As you can see there is also a children's music book and recorder in this picture).  I figure there is no point in trying to hide these things from the camera.  It is just proof that many children fill this home. 

As you can see, I have a deer theme throughout my home. I have added some reindeer over the holidays, and I cannot bring myself to pack them away just yet, as they add just enough whimsy to the room.

This coat rack is very special to me.  My husband made this for me about 15 years ago, out of an antique mantel.   He refinished it and I have had it in every home we have lived in. 
Lastly, I love to add a touch of winter through my dishes.  I just purchased these snowman plates 75% off after Christmas.  Again they add just a bit of whimsy and winter cheer to the room.
So, there are some of the ways I like to brighten and warm up my home, even after the Christmas decorations come down.  There are many cold days still ahead.  In fact right now, we are in the middle of an ice storm.  Even so, I really do enjoy these winter months. 
♥  Shannon


  1. Shannon,
    It looks so cozy! If I lived closer, your house would be my favorite place for tea.
    God bless,

    1. Crystal, that would be so fun!! Thank you :)