Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Even if...

I cannot lie, the past few months have been difficult.  Don't get me wrong, I experience joy every.single.day through my children, husband and all my blessings.  However, this going back and forth between homes, is not a "homemakers" dream.  My "career" is at home.  Everything I do every.single.day, revolves around my home.  So pulling me away from that, or trying to make it work between two homes is not always fun.  We were in Illinois over the weekend, enjoying our home, and yet, I was sad because I want to live there full time.  We had so many plans that are now on hold.  Yet again, I am learning over and over again, that PATIENCE is a VIRTUE. 

This couldn't have been avoided.  There was nothing we could do to stop it.  It hit us hard, right in our tracks, and we were left with this, as our only choice.  We felt God leading and directing our path, but that doesn't always make it easy. 

So as I was doing laundry, my girls were cleaning up the kitchen and listening to the radio (as they normally do).  A song came on (K Love), that I've heard a hundred times "Even if" by Kutless.  It stopped me, right there and I just stood, (from the other room) listening to the words, really listening and letting them sink in.  "When life falls apart and dreams are left undone, You are God, You are good forever faithful one".  Wow, that's exactly how I was feeling.  Left undone, as if our life had fallen apart and dreams now on hold.  BUT, God is good!  He is faithful!  He will never leave us or forsake us!  I realized I wasn't doing my part.  TRUST!  I haven't been trusting Him.  I have put my fears and worries ahead of everything else and completely left fully trusting God, out of the picture.  God never promised life would be easy, always fun, everything perfect.  But, he did promise he would guide our path, never leave us and He never changes.  He NEVER changes! 

So I feel a burden has been lifted.  It's not up to me to have it all figured out.  God knows the path he is taking our family and He has never failed us in the past.  Why would I think different this time?  A favorite Bible verse of mine is "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10a   He has this one! 

So there I was, left to do nothing else, but count my blessings.  My husband HAS a job.  My kids are all healthy and growing strong.  We not only have one, but two roofs over our head.  We have the love or our families supporting us.  A wonderful church family who we have become so close to this past year.  AND, we have a God who gives us eternal hope far beyond what this world can bring.

So, I wanted to share this song with you all by Kutless:  Even If

"Lord, we know your ways are not our ways, so we set our faith in who you are..."

♥  Shannon

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  1. Praise the Lord. Thank you so much for sharing Shannon. You have really spoken to my heart. You have totally found the right attitude! God bless you and your family as you let Him lead you and you rest in Him.