Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Looking ahead in this New Year

If you look closely, you will see deer running through the field

I'm back to blogging!  It has been a while.  We have had a lot of changes in our family over the past few months, and so I guess, somewhere along the line, I felt uninspired and not sure what to write.  I was also, very much enjoying the holidays with my family.  For those who don't know me personally, my husband is now working in Wisconsin, which has called us to live there during the week with him, and then we all head back home on the weekends, and holidays.  It's not ideal, and we are hoping to get back to "home" full time after the next year or two, but for now, we will make the best of it.  We have also had the flu bug hit our home and have had one sick family member after another since New Year's Eve (Happy New Year).   All that being said, it's definitely time to start looking ahead in this New Year.  We have a lot of fun plans, and projects planned for our home in WI, and I look forward to sharing all the before and afters with you all.

We live across the road from a ski mountain in WI, and so we are teaching the kids to ski/snowboard. What a great way to get everyone moving this winter. We have been having so much fun teaching the kids and re-learning all over again. It's been great exercise for all of us! 


I hope you all are staying warm and enjoying this time inside with your family.  We are finding lots of time to play games, read a good book or work on crochet projects during these cold days of winter. 

♥  Shannon

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  1. Hi Shannon
    I am so happy to see you again! I have been praying that all is well with you and I'm glad it is. Isn't it great as homeschoolers to be able to work around our husband's jobs. To be flexible and support our men while still schooling.
    God bless you and your family as you are settling into a new routine for the next while.