Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crocheted Baskets

It's been a crazy week of weather here in the Midwest.  The week started out with an ice storm, and the very next day the temps were in the 60s, followed by a day of thunderstorms and power outages. But not for long, because today we had a small snow storm move through and tomorrow, below zero temps are expected.  So we've decided to, stay in, stay warm and crochet! 

I decided it was time to move on from scarves and stockings and try to crochet a few baskets.  I'm hooked :)  I LOVE how they turned out! I have so many fun ideas for spring and Easter, I don't know where or when I'll find the time!

I have made 3 baskets (actually 4, one not posted) and it's only Wednesday :)  I started out with the larger one, and was so happy with the results I moved on to the other two.  I combined a couple different patterns and came up with this small Easter basket.  I am going to try and perfect it a little more before I share the pattern.  I then moved on to the small bowl, which I absolutely love.  It's so simple, subtle and cute.  I'm not sure what to do with it yet, but I'm sure I will come up with something.  Tonight I was working on a small basket crocheted out of twine, which will be a lot of fun to use, maybe in the kitchen... 

And while I have been busy crocheting, the kids have been having fun making valentines and valentine boxes and playing in the snow.

Also, my daughter takes the most lovely photos, don't you think?  She made my blog header and also took the above pictures for me.  Here are a few more she took capturing the beauty of winter.

(yes, today was garbage day, please just ignore the trash cans)
So tomorrow will find me once again, staying inside, by the fire, crocheting.  Of course, that is after I finish home school, laundry, dishes, have supper already prepared and the rest of the chores done :) 

♥  Shannon


  1. I need to start crocheting again! Winter is the perfect time for crocheting, don't you think?

    1. I completely agree! I love to sit by the fire, after the kids have gone to bed, in peace and quiet :), and crochet. It's very comforting and cozy at the end of a long day.