Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Favorites

Before I start with my favorites, I wanted to share this pic... aren't they pretty?  Radish's picked fresh just a while ago.  I have more then enough, still in the garden, so I will pick more and take them to the farmers market next week.  I added some to my coleslaw last week and it added a delicious punch to the salad. 

Moving on... I would like to share some of my favorite things every Friday.  Items I use around my home, that are helpful, functional and make everything just a little more fun!  Today I'm going to share my favorite canisters from Target. 

I love these large glass canisters.  They hold a nice, large amount, so I am not running out every other day.  I buy most of my baking items in bulk, either from Sam's Club or Costco.  I just keep refilling the canisters as I need to.  I keep four, out on my counter top at all times.  Two of my girls like to cook, so this makes it a lot more convenient.   My husband likes to be in the kitchen on the weekends, and this way, he can find everything, without asking "are we out of brown sugar?"

I keep flour, brown sugar, sugar, and oatmeal in the canisters.  Looks like I could use a couple refills! 
I have found that cooking is a lot more fun, when everything has a place in the kitchen and is easily accessible for the younger kids as well.  From my kitchen to yours....

♥  Shannon

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