Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Vacation

We have officially started summer vacation in our home!  Yay for summer, yay for finishing our first year of home school and yay for a break for this mom!  We had a great day yesterday. My husband came home at lunch to start our 3 day weekend and we took the kids out for lunch.  We also stopped by and picked up some flower to decorate our front porch.  Last year, I was so busy unpacking and getting ready for our school year, I neglected the porch and felt this year, I really wanted to decorate it up lovely for summer.  I mean, who doesn't love a front porch!  Yesterday after we hung the flowers, I was sitting out there, drinking a lemonade and a deer ran through the yard.... seriously!    I'm so excited for summer, because this year, I can slow down a bit and enjoy living here. 

And look who wanted to join me on the porch... they are just so darn cute!!

An added bonus... while heading into town, we hit a few garage sales, and I found this country style patriotic wreath for my door.  I love it!

We ended our night with a campfire.  It was a cool, breezy, lazy evening.  The perfect way to end our day and start our summer vacation.  The kids love having a campfire.  We tell stories, sing songs and just enjoy being together.

This weekend we are building a garden shed (pics to come) and the kids are waiting on me to make some blueberry pancakes for brunch.  From my house to yours...

♥  Shannon


  1. What a joy to be finished your 1st year of homeschooling! That is awesome. I was determined to go through June this year (for some reason), but last Tuesday I just said pack it up. We are actually just shifting gears from books to gardening and special projects - like sewing (hopefully).
    You have a beautiful property and I love your wreath, even though I'm not American.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Thank you Crystal. We did not finish out or school year as strong as I would have liked either, but we are doing the same thing as you... switching gears. We have plenty of outdoor activities, etc to work on now. It's good to get encouragement from other homeschool moms, especially since I am new at this!