Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend 2012

Where to even begin... I am SO blessed!  What a beautiful weekend with my family.  Saturday the girls and I went to a mother daughter tea, at our church.  I haven't been to a mother daughter event in years.  In fact, this was the first time I was able to take all 3 of my girls.  Last time, my youngest wasn't even born!  It was a beautiful luncheon filled with delicate tea cups and fresh cut flowers.  All things girly and dainty. 

My daughter made some delicious chocolate cupcakes to take along.  I made some chicken salad sandwiches, and some vegetable dip to go along with fresh radishes. 

This picture makes me hungry for chocolate :)  I had a wonderful time with just my girls and we made memories to last a life time.  They are growing up so fast, so I cherish these times spent with them.

Sunday was a great day as well.  We started our day with a Mothers day breakfast at church.  I had a wonderful time visiting with all the other mom's as our children and husbands did all the work of making, serving and cleaning up!  It was great!!  After church my husband and kids all pitched in to help get the rest of the garden tilled and planted for me.  That was, to me, the perfect gift.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, and so spending the afternoon outdoors, working together on the garden, was just what this mom wanted.

Max and me with a few left over tomato and pepper plants, that we delivered to some friends from church. 

My husband tilled the rest of the garden, so we were able to plant pumpkins and corn. The kids all had a part it helping out.

When we all work together, it doesn't take long to accomplish the task at hand.  This was one of the best Mother's Day's, I can remember, because my children are getting older, and so they were taking care of me today.  When they were all babies and toddlers, Mothers Day was just another day for me to take care of them.  Feed them, change diapers, do more laundry and dishes, but today was different.  The older they get the more fun we have together.  I am blessed beyond measure to be their mother!


♥  Shannon

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