Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Field trip to the Dairy Farm

We had an opportunity to go visit a local, small dairy farm today.  Some friends from church invited us a few months ago, and we finally made it work.  It was the most beautiful morning.  Sunny, 70's and just beautiful!

They were kind enough to invite us in during their morning milking.  My kids were a bit apprehensive as it was pretty close quarters. 

We even got to see them bottle feed a baby calf.  They had two babies and only one would cooperate.

What I learned about cow's today ;) 

1.  They are only milking cows after they have a calf (makes sense..)
2.  They produce up to 8 gallons of milk a day (I already knew that one)
3.  A baby calf only stays with it's mother for one week, just enough time to nurse and get the nutrients from her colostrum.
4.  A Dairy Farm is ALOT of work and there is NEVER a day of vacation!
5.  Pay for 100 gallons of milk is only $16.00 (seriously??)

It was fun and very educational.  We then headed on down to the house via hay rack to take a tour of the chicken coop.

There were lots of baby kittens around the farm

And this was the kids most favorite spot to play on all the farm...

This was a beautiful (almost) Century old Farm.  Built in 1915.  I loved the character in the barns, home and even the outhouse. 

Even this magnificent tree showed character of just how old this farm really was...

We had a wonderful visit to the dairy farm, and had a great time visiting with new friends.  From my home to yours...

♥  Shannon

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