Monday, May 21, 2012

Storing spices and stocking up

I made my first trip to the Country Store today.  We have only lived here a year, and so I'm still trying to find all the best places to shop.  Someone from church mentioned to me, about a Mennonite store that sold bulk food items.  I was getting dangerously low on my spices and also was in need of some flour. 

I purchased two 10 pound bags of unbleached flour and lots of different spices.  I was also happy to find a larger box of yeast, then I am able to find in the regular grocery store.  I also like to support the local small town shops.

 I like to make all my own seasoning mixes, such as taco, chili, onion soup, ranch, etc.  So I keep well stocked on spices and mix enough to fill a quart mason jar at a time.  Once again, my handy husband has made it very convenient for me to keep my spices and seasoning mixes all organized.

These white wire pantry shelves, can be purchased at Lowes.  Mason jars are the perfect size for these shelves, and I am able to keep all my homemade seasonings and nuts all stored right inside my pantry door, for easy, convenient access.  As you can see, I was getting pretty low on my seasonings.

I have enough room for all my store bought spices, and all my homemade seasonings.  Here I have two of the shelving units.  One on top and one of the bottom.  In fact, I love these shelves so much, I purchased two more, and put them in my laundry room closet for all my extra items, that I don't use every day, such as jello, puddings, baking supplies, etc.   They are so easy to install, as long as you don't mind screwing them into your pantry door.  It takes about 5 minutes! 

And since we are on the subject of stocking up (sort of)... when I was at the Farmers Market last week, I purchased a bag of extra large 30 pound potatoes.  I wanted to use some for seed and the rest to eat.  Well, the nice older gentlemen, decided that since "I had a lot of kids", he would give me an extra 30 pound bag of the smaller potatoes for free. 

We have already eaten a few, and planted a few.  We still have a lot left, so for the first time, I am freezing diced potatoes.  We will see how they turn out.

 I am thankful for this blessing, because there have been times, when we didn't have an over abundance of food for our family, and so I don't want to take any of this for granted.  God has been so good to our family and even a extra bag of potatoes, is considered a blessing! 

From my kitchen to yours...

♥ Shannon


  1. It's a nice feeling being stocked up, hey? What a blessing potatoes are. We eat so many and are blessed to live next to a potato farmer, who just brought over another bag and we are SO grateful.
    I love your shelves by the way. You have such neat organizing ideas.

    1. I have never really cooked with a lot of potatoes before, besides the traditional mashed... As the kids get older, and eat more, potatoes are a great staple food! And yes, I love being stocked up!!

  2. What a wonderful way to store your spices! :)

    I had no idea you could freeze potatoes - but it makes sense :) Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

    Have a blessed weekend ~

    1. I'll know, all to soon, how they turn out. Hopefully good, because I planted even more potatoes in my garden, and I don't have a root cellar... A blessed week, to you too!