Thursday, April 19, 2012

A birthday present for our baby

My how the years fly by.  It seems like only yesterday, I had 5 babies... My oldest was only 7 when baby #5 was born.  I thought those years of diaper changes, car seats, blankies, Dr. visits, laundry piles, sleepless nights, diaper changes ( I know I already mentioned that), would never end.  Now here we are 5 years later....  How is it that my baby is 5, and we are soon to be parents of a teenager?!! 

We wanted to do something special for our baby, as he is only going to turn 5 once.  So we decided to build him a see saw.  Now, we have done this once before.  It was five years, 4 states, and 3 moves ago.  We lived in Wisconsin.  He doesn't remember it.  We had to sell it in our move and have always wanted to build another one.  A few months earlier we set out to find our antique wagon wheels and found the perfect set, for our now bigger, more grown up kids.

  We were lucky enough to find a pair of antique wheels, that were original, still on the axle.  This made our job a lot easier!  Notice how large/wide these wheel are.  I had an idea!  We had just enough room to make it a double see saw, now only one child would be left out... maybe that's not such a great idea after all ;) 

It was birthday weekend and grandpa and grandma were coming to visit.  This was the perfect project for father, son and two grandsons to work on together.

With all four boys helping.... it didn't take long at all, and the see saw was finished.  The kids couldn't wait to test it out!

  Grandma even chimed in and suggested we add some old tractor seats to the middle, for extra seating.  We happened to have some, and now all five kids can play at once.  We even have room for a friend! 

This see saw is definitely special to our baby, because he got to help his dad and grandpa make it.  It doesn't get any better then that!

♥  Shannon

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