Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Playroom makeover, before and after

With 5 kids we accumulate a lot of stuff.  Toys being the #1.  My husband is just as much to blame for this mess, as he cannot pass up a good deal.  And then there are the toys that were passed down from generation to generation (dad's old toys, he can't give up).  We have a birthday in our house, just about every other month, and then you add on the Holidays, and let's just say our play room was out of control!  

Don't forget about what happens when friends come over to play.... EVERY. SINGLE. TOY. gets dumped out!  We knew there must be a better, more organized way. 

So here we have it.  White wire shelves (you can purchase at any home improvement store), with clear, labeled totes.  We placed the older toys, they were less likely to play with everyday, on the higher shelves, and everyday toys on the lower shelves.  All blocks, Lego's, fisher price, Lincoln logs, Thomas the train, etc., are stored in the totes.  The rule is, one tote down at a time, and it must be picked up and put back on the shelf before another tote comes down.  Now, I'm not going to lie and say my playroom looks like this all the time,  but this system is definitely working out for us.  This gives the kids a lot more floor space, and they seem to be enjoying their toys a lot more! 

♥ Shannon

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