Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is in the air!

We tried something new this year.  Growing seeds indoors.  I thought this might save us some cost and also be a great science experiment for the kids.  They are tracking the progress of their plants in a journal, and one of my children even did a demonstration for 4-H using some of our tomato plants.

We planted tomato's, peppers, cabbage, onions and for fun, some morning glory.  Everything came up nice, except for the peppers.  I think we ended up with about two pepper plants.  This weekend, we took some time to transplant some of our cabbage.  The cabbage can handle the cold, unlike the tomato's, which I will probably wait and plant the first or second week in May.

Our cabbage plants

I had three helpers that day.  The kids love to get their hands dirty and jump right in to help out.  With so many willing hands, it went pretty quick and we were done just in time, before the storms started moving through.

A few weeks ago we planted some lettuce, spinach and radishes, and those are coming up really well. In about a week or so, we will be having fresh salad straight from the garden!

I hope to instill a love for gardening in all my children. These are the simple things in life, that have been lost or forgotten.  I will always cherish these special times with them, teaching them, and watching them grow and learn. 

♥ Shannon

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