Saturday, April 28, 2012

Music to my ears

Our family loves music.  We have the radio on whenever we can... during breakfast, lunch, in the car.  We have our favorite CDs ready at all times to listen to.  Someone is always singing.  In fact, right now, as I type, my 6 yr. old is singing all by herself in her bedroom, as she plays with her toys. 

Molly playing in a wedding at the age of 6!
Marykate's very first lesson at age 4

It doesn't end there though.  My husband grew up playing the violin, so we have carried that over to our children.  My oldest daughter started lessons when she was just 3 and we have continued the tradition with each child starting at either age 3 or 4.  For the most part, they all enjoy it.  Some more then others.

As the kids get older, it is fun to hear them play together for recitals, church, nursing homes, and sometimes just for family and friends.  Our favorite time of year to play together, is definitely Christmas.  We start practicing and playing Christmas music as early as November 1.   This year, as we were new to Illinois, and had only been attending our small church a few months, it was a joy, to see my husband and kids all play together on Christmas morning.  

My two older daughters are also taking guitar lessons.  It has been fun to switch things up a bit with that, and it adds another dynamic to our music.  Maddie is our singer, and has taken voice lessons.  The guitar has been fun for her to experiment with.  She loves to write her own songs, so  now she can sing along with her guitar.

With all the instruments, can also come mess.  So we came up with a great way to organize our violins, bows, etc.  We found some violin hooks at our local violin store, when purchasing our daughter's full size violin (exciting!)

Not only is this practical and functional, it's also a beautiful display in my living room.  We just love it!  I would recommend it to anyone who has one or more musicians in their home.  It also has inspired the kids to practice a lot more and makes it so much more convenient!

Last, but not least, we have the baby of the family.  He has not started violin lessons just yet, but I think he has found another interest.....

We just might have a future drummer on our hands.....

♥  Shannon

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  1. It looks like you have some beautiful and tallented children Shannon! I love your blog!

    Leah Nicolette