Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you Pinterest

Today was a typical day in our home.  The older girls had guitar lessons to start off our morning, then home for some school, and then lunch.  I was looking forward to this afternoon, as we had no place to go, and I was planning on spending the day outdoors, mowing the lawn, planting my raspberries, transplanting some hosta's and daylillies, and possibly starting my strawberry patch.  Gardening is what I love to do in my down time.  It's relaxing, and oh so enjoyable to this mom, after a day of housework and homeschool.  Especially this time of year, as the crabapple tree's are blossoming, and the smell of lilac's in the air.  I can't get enough of it!

I had such a busy morning, I paid no attention to the weather report.  Well just about the time I had done a few laps with the mower, and the kids were nicely settled in at the swing set.  The rain came down and showed no signs of stopping.  I was disappointed, and will hopefully get to work on my gardening tomorrow.  I decided since we were heading indoors, I would lift my spirits with a little pinterest project I wanted to get done.  It would take some rearranging, but I had the entire afternoon free, so I went forward with it. 
I've been wanting to arrange my dishes in the antique secretary, that was once my husband's great grandfathers.  It has special meaning to us, as we  named one of our sons after him. 

I couldn't stop there however.... I was just getting started and had more dishes to display.  I decided to bring in another antique cabinet, one I had found at a garage sale last summer.  It however was in my daughter's room filled with stuffed animals, American Girl dolls, piggy banks, beads, etc...  That will be another day!  Here is what I finally accomplished this afternoon, and I am lovin it!

Great Grandpa's Menter's secretary

I got my inspiration for this display off pinterest.

So, I guess at the end of the day, I can thank pinterest for the inspiration to accomplish this task, that has been on my mind for a year now.  Now on to my daughter's room....

♥  Shannon


  1. Hi Shannon
    I love your cabinets!It looks really nice.
    I just found your blog on Homestead Community Posts and have been really enjoying it. We have an apple orchard as well, in Central Alberta. It's a little tricky here though. I haven't gotten more than 3 apples in 5 years! Maybe this year.
    God bless.

  2. Thank you! I have enjoyed reading everyone's blog as well on homestead community post. We use to live in WI, and Erin is a friend of mine... her and her husband are very talented! My apple orchard is only 2 yrs. old, so not much yet. I can't wait until I have a large crop. That northern climate is hard on the apple tree's i'm sure!