Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Simple Blessings

I found this beautiful bouquet on my table this morning from the kids.  Is there anything more precious??!!  Such a simple blessing to this mom's heart!

I spent the morning outside with the kids.  It was such a beautiful spring morning.  The rain was coming, and we had flowers to plant.  We planted some sunflowers, tulips, daffodils, and lillies.  I even transplanted some hostas.  The wind was breezy, but warm, and the kittens were playful.  It was so quiet and peaceful outdoors this morning.  The kids who weren't planting with me, were swinging, and I found my oldest daughter reading under a tree.  These are the simple things in life I cherish, wonderful blessings.  To plant flowers with my daughter, find a worm in the dirt, and hand it over to my boys, find some buds on a lilac tree, I was sure was not going to bloom this year... blessings!

The lettuce, spinach and radish's are all up in the garden.  My baby helped me cut some for lunch.  Again, another blessing. 

It started to rain, so we grabbed the clothes off the line and headed inside for reading time.  My three younger children sat around me as I read to them from their History books.  We sang some songs and then they sketched on paper what they learned from the story.... Another blessing.  Precious time, that is flying by so quick, spent with my children.

Oh, sure there are days where I am pulling my hair out, laundry is piled high, dishes are filling the sink and we just can't get it together, but today was not that day.  Today I am thankful for the simple blessings in my life and the precious moments spent with my children.

♥ Shannon

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