Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blessed with berries

We have been beyond blessed with an abundance of berries this month.  Today as I was driving home from piano lessons with my kids, I received a phone call from a neighbor and fellow church member, inviting us to come black raspberry picking.  We jumped at the chance.  My kids LOVE picking berries, and someday, I hope to have huge berry patches of my own, but for now we are just getting started.

These two are my little gardeners.  We picked a full pail in under 30 minutes, which is pretty good when dealing with pokey, scratchy raspberry bushes.

I think she was more concerned with tasting, then picking.  They were delicious!

And he was more concerned with tree climbing!  It was a great, unexpected treat, added to our day!
I made a raspberry crisp for dinner (I don't do pie), and froze a few gallon bags.  I left some in the fridge for fresh eating.

I am thankful, humbled, and so grateful for the generosity of these wonderful new friends, here in our community.  They are such a loving, kind, generous group of people, and I am blessed to be a part of it! 

♥  Shannon

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