Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's the little things

Last week, I broke my salad spinner.  Now this wasn't a cheap salad spinner you buy at Walmart, but a very high quality one, we bought at a fancy little kitchen store, one day when we were in the cities.  If fact, that was just last fall.  I had gotten plenty of use out of it, and decided I just couldn't live without a salad spinner ever again!  My lettuce stays fresh and green so much longer because of it! 

I was walking through the kitchen and I dropped it.  The lid fell off breaking into pieces.  I felt terrible, and to make it all worse, my garden is full of lettuce and spinach right now.  Not a great time to be without it.  I decided I would just have to make the most of it, without.

This morning my husband had to go into work for a few hours, and I took my son to his last soccer game of the season.  When I arrived home, he was home from work and he said "I have something for you", and he handed me a new salad spinner.  He never said a word about the broken one, just kindly gave me a new one.  Melts my heart...   It's the little things, that mean the most!

♥  Shannon


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