Monday, June 18, 2012

Watching the corn grow

You know you're from Iowa when... you find yourself watching the corn grow!  Seriously though, I can't tell you how many times I heard yesterday from one of the kids, or my husband "look, the corn grew"  

  Me and my husband grew up in Iowa.  We live only 25 miles from Iowa now.  If there wasn't a giant sign welcoming you to Illinois, you'd think you were still in Iowa.  We are surrounded by farms and corn fields. 

It finally rained Saturday night.  It was a nice, steady, rain all night.  The next morning you could see the difference in all the plants, but especially the corn.

I like to see the progress of my garden from one week to the next, so here are a few pictures, after the rain

The pumpkins were starting to, almost, stand up

Bountiful green rows, a beautiful sight

Corn, only 3 of the five rows came up, but I'll take it

The pepper and tomato plants are starting to get tiny blossoms.  The carrots are slowly coming up.  I'm a little concerned about them

So that's the progress of my garden so far.  I was able to make some coleslaw this weekend, with a cabbage from the garden.  It's really early this year, but I guess that's okay.  If I can have everything done by the time we start school in the fall, I would be one, happy mom!

♥  Shannon

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  1. Your garden looks happy! We watch a lot of corn growing here in Nebraska too -- I once heard an old farmer say that you can hear corn grow - it does seem to grow at warp speed when it is hot and there is enough rain/irrigation :)