Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cherry Pickin'

Today was one of those days... days where we are too busy to enjoy anything going on around us.  We just move from one thing to the next and keep watching the clock to make sure we are still on schedule.  These are my least favorite of days.   We had dentist appointments, swimming lessons, errands to run, from one end of town to the other.  By the time we got home it was almost time for dinner and we were tired.  Then I received a call from a friend letting me know, we could come pick cherries.  They were ready, but not for long.  If we could get to them before the birds, we could have them.  We piled back into the car and headed out further into the country.  I'm so glad we did.....

We had such a great, relaxing time.  It brought my day, back down, to my kind of comfortable.  Here is some of what we saw on the farm .....

and winner for best picture of the night...

(BTW, if you are wondering where my oldest, fifth child is.  She is always behind the camera.  She is my photographer and takes (mostly) all the photos, I post on my blog.  She even created my header :)  

We had a lovely time and someday, I hope to have cherry trees this big in my yard, and maybe then I can invite my children and grandchildren to come pickin' !!

♥  Shannon


  1. GREAT looking cherries! Thinking of jams, pies, etc....YUM!!