Sunday, June 17, 2012

Building our garden shed

We were in desperate need of a garden shed.  We wanted to clean out our garage, so we could comfortably fit our cars in there, between the bikes, balls, skateboards, and boxes, that still need to be unpacked.  It just wasn't in the budget right now to start from scratch on a big shed or, what we would really like, a small barn.  So we compromised. 

We have this bottom patio, under our deck, off our family room.  It was the perfect fit.  There were cement walls already there, and the deck is 10 ft high, so the shed would have plenty of room, if we decided to add a loft for extra storage.  But first, we had some cleaning to do.  We had a wood pile to move, and the cats house was here before.  The boys helped spray off the patio.  We had a nice, clean slate to start with. 

We started  by adding a metal roof under the entire deck.  So in the end we would have a small shed, and also a covered porch.  We then started framing it up.

We were  going for a "country" look, and we designed the door to look like a barn door.  We used cedar deck boards, the rough sides facing out. 

Construction zone.  You can see here the whole picture.  The metal roof turned out beautifully, especially since we have never done anything like this before.

Finished!  It is my absolute favorite spot in the yard now, as it over looks the backyard, and I have a great view of the kids playing.

The door turned out great.  We were afraid it would be too heavy, but it actually isn't at all.  I love the look, and love having a covered porch for my swing! 

My husband on this Father's Day, enjoying the swing and drinks on this very hot summer day, with 3 of the kids.  This was a really fun, lost cost project for us.  Turning an unexpected area, into useful space, it's one of my favorite things. 

♥  Shannon


  1. Shannon, you guys are so resourceful and clever. This looks so nice and neat and lovely. I think you can tell I really like it.
    Good job!

  2. yes indeed:)

    your swing is just perfect;-)

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  5. Shannon, did you use sheet metal roofing for the ceiling? If so, any tips? Is it still water tight?